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Security Guards

Armed Guards are security guards that are permitted to carry guns while deployed on duty. They are not allowed to carry and use weapons if they are not on the job. They maintain a safe and secure environment at businesses, organizations and residential properties.

Unarmed Guard are security guards that do not carry guns. They maintain a safe and secure environment through watchful vigilance. Their mere presence creates a deterrent to criminals. Homes, businesses, and organizations are safer with having them patrol.

Security vehicle patrol officer

Security vehicle patrol officer is a specific type of security guard who provides security services in a particular location. An officer is in a security vehicle and patrols an outdoor property rather than guarding a specific building like other security guards.


Bodyguards have a duty to protect an individual. Customers can choose to have an armed or unarmed bodyguard. They are useful in escorting the clients in public settings. Managing large crowds. Identifying suspicious behavior or unauthorized people. Driving the client and safely fleeing the scene of a security threat.


Why Choose Us

Violent and nonviolent crimes have been on the rise since 2019. Now more than ever it is pertinent to protect our businesses, homes and loved ones. Carey patrol’s aim is to provide quality meticulous service to provide our customers with a sense of peace. Our officers are not only certified by the BSIS, they must also undergo vigorous professional firearms and defense training programs, before being deployed.





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